ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 36, Issue 6, Article 188 (SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Papers)

Tensor Field Design in Volumes

Different tensor fields can lead to different element synthesis results. With our tensor field design system, users can create any tensor field and control the topology of the tensor field by deforming, removing, and reconnecting degenerate curves in the field.


3D tensor field design is important in several graphics applications such as procedural noise, solid texturing, and geometry synthesis. Different fields can lead to different visual effects. The topology of a tensor field, such as degenerate tensors, can cause artifacts in these applications. Existing 2D tensor field design systems cannot be used to handle the topology of a 3D tensor field. In this paper, we present to our knowledge the first 3D tensor field design system. At the core of our system is the ability to edit the topology of tensor fields. We demonstrate the power of our design system with applications in solid texturing and geometry synthesis.


3D tensor fields, tensor field design, topology, texture synthesis, geometry synthesis, element synthesis


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