Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV)

Monocular Depth Estimation via Deep Structured Models with Ordinal Constraints

Depth estimation results on NYU Depth V2 dataset. From left to right: input images with ordinal constraints visualized as red arrows pointing from a closer click to another further point; results from the FCRN base network; our refined results; ground-truth.


User interaction provides useful information for solving challenging computer vision problems in practice. In this paper, we show that a very limited number of user clicks could greatly boost monocular depth estimation performance and overcome monocular ambiguities. We formulate this task as a deep structured model, in which the structured pixel-wise depth estimation has ordinal constraints introduced by user clicks. We show that the inference of the proposed model could be efficiently solved through a feed-forward network. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed model on NYU Depth V2 and Stanford 2D-3D datasets. On both datasets, we achieve state-of-the-art performance when encoding user interaction into our deep models.


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