About Me

I'm currently a Senior Research Scientist at Snap Research. Previously I was a Senior Research Engineer at Activision Central Tech working on facial performance capture for game production. Prior to that, I was a postdoc researcher at UBC and USC working with Prof. Alla Sheffer and Prof. Hao Li respectively. I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Institute for Advanced Study of Tsinghua University in 2012, under the supervision of Dr. Baining Guo and Dr. Li-Yi Wei. I received my B.S. in Mathematics and Physics from Fundamental Science Class of Tsinghua University in 2007.

[ Email: chongyangm at gmail dot com ] [ CV ]


Revived my blog with a new post about my personal suggestions for managing research code on GitHub.
One paper accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 about single-view 3D hair modeling. [ Project page ]
One paper accepted by ACM Multimedia Conference about image aesthetic assessment. [ Project page ]
One paper accepted by ECCV 2018 about capturing volumetric videos of body performance from sparse views. [ Project page ]
One paper accepted by 3DV 2018 about monocular depth estimation with ordinal constraints. [ Project page ]

Work Experience

  • Jun 2018 ~ Present
    Sr. Research Scientist
  • Nov 2016 ~ May 2018
    Research Engineer
  • July 2015 ~ Nov 2016
    Senior Computer Vision Research Engineer
  • Oct 2013 ~ June 2015
    Postdoctoral Scholar in Geometric Capture Lab

Other Positions

  • June 2014 ~ Aug 2014
    Research and Development Intern
  • Aug 2011 ~ Feb 2012
    Visiting student in ALICE team


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Professional Activities

Research Interests

I have been focusing on democratizing visual content creation since I started my PhD in 2007. My reseach interests lie in the joint field of computer graphics and computer vision, including but not limited to deep generative models, image & video manipulation, motion capture, human digitization, face tracking, 3D understanding & reconstruction, data-driven animation, procedural modeling, digital geometry processing, and texture synthesis.